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Discover a seamless path to your immigration dreams with Infinity Health & Body’s Immigration Physicals services. At Infinity Health & Body, we understand the importance of a smooth immigration process, and our dedicated team is here to ensure you’re fully prepared to embark on your journey. Our comprehensive immigration physicals ensure you meet all the necessary health requirements, making your application process stress-free. 

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Infinity Health and Body: Immigration Physicals
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In the context of immigration physicals, a range of factors can contribute to specific medical findings, which may include:

Previous Medical Conditions

Individuals may have pre-existing medical conditions that affect the results of immigration physicals.

Infectious Diseases

Immigrants may come from regions with a higher prevalence of infectious diseases.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Dietary habits and access to proper nutrition can vary widely among immigrants.

Mental Health Issues

The stress of immigration and adaptation to a new environment can impact mental health.

Infinity Health and Body: Immigration Physicals

What Are Immigration Physicals?

Immigration Physicals are an essential step in the immigration process, required by the U.S. government to assess the overall health and well-being of individuals seeking permanent residency or a green card. These evaluations play a crucial role in ensuring public health and safety and the well-being of immigrants. Our Immigration Physicals are designed to:

Why Would Men and Women Need Immigration Physicals?

Many men and women of any age choose to undergo Immigration Physicals for various reasons. Here’s why you might need one:
Infinity Health and Body: Immigration Physicals
Infinity Health and Body: Immigration Physicals

Who Is A Candidate?

Anyone of any age seeking an Immigration Physical for a visa or green card applications, family reunification, employment opportunities, or personal well-being can benefit from our expert services.

Benefits of Immigration Physicals

Discover a worry-free path to immigration success with Infinity Health & Body’s Immigration Physicals. Our experienced team ensures you meet all health requirements while providing efficient, confidential, and convenient services.

Early Disease Detection
Peace of Mind
Preventive Health

Frequently asked questions

An Immigration Physical is a thorough medical examination required by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for individuals seeking immigration or adjustment of status. It ensures you meet the health requirements for entry into the United States to protect public health. It’s a mandatory step in the immigration process.

The Immigration Physical typically includes a physical examination, vaccinations as needed, tuberculin skin testing (TB test), syphilis testing, and evaluation of your medical history. The specific requirements can vary based on your age and medical history.

You can get an Immigration Physical at designated USCIS-approved Civil Surgeon’s offices, which are typically private medical practices like ours. The cost can vary depending on factors such as location and the specific tests required, so it’s best to contact our office for pricing details.

Yes, you should bring the following to your appointment: government-issued photo ID, any vaccination records you have, your immigration medical examination form (Form I-693), and any relevant medical records or documentation of past health issues.

The duration can vary, but typically, you can expect the Immigration Physical to take a few hours to complete, including the medical examination and any required vaccinations or follow-up tests. Afterward, the results are usually available within a few days, and you can submit the completed Form I-693 to USCIS as part of your immigration application.

Remember that these answers are general guidelines, and it’s essential to consult with our medical practice directly for specific information tailored to your circumstances and the most up-to-date requirements.

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