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Men's Health

Whether you're seeking preventive care, addressing specific health concerns, or pursuing wellness and performance optimization, our men's health services prioritize your individual goals and well-being.

Infinity Health And Body: Women's Health

Women's Health

Embarking on a path of proactive wellness, addressing specific health needs, or striving for optimal vitality and performance, our women's health services place your individual goals and well-being at the forefront.

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The Hormone Optimization Blueprint

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Discover Advanced Healthcare Solutions

Hormone Therapy

Revitalize your physical, mental, and metabolic well-being with our specialized hormone replacement therapies for both men and women.

Medical Weight Loss

Shed unwanted weight swiftly and safely with our physician-guided, evidence-based weight loss programs, uniquely tailored to you.

Sexual Wellness

Enhance your intimate well-being with our tailored sexual wellness solutions, meticulously designed for both men and women.

Infinity Health and Body Regenerative medicine

Regenerative Medicine

Utilizing the body's natural healing prowess, our therapies employ advanced science to mend tissues, combat aging, and foster a healthier, vibrant future.

Concierge Medicine

Uncover optimal health with our concierge healthcare programs, designed to extend your health span and enrich your lifespan.

Infinity Health and Body Aesthetic Services

Aesthetics & Beauty

Diminish fine lines, accentuate your cherished features, and reignite your skin's natural glow with our aesthetics treatments.

Infinity Health And Body: Women's Health

Women's Health

Rebalance hormone levels, uplift sexual well-being, and conquer menopause confidently with our women-centric solutions.

Discover our innovative men's health solutions.

Men's Wellness

Boost testosterone, enhance manhood, and sharpen cognition with our tailored programs for men.

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Patient Success Stories

Jennifer McDevitt
Jennifer McDevittVerified Member
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I decided to go to Infinity Health and Body to learn more about Acoustic Wave Therapy and how it might help with my cellulite. I had a consultation with Lynn who was very welcoming and informative. She made me feel comfortable and was very candid about what I might expect in terms of results. I decided to proceed and I have been happy with my results so far! I have completed three out of the six treatments and I have already noticed a significant decrease in the appearance of cellulite on the back of my legs and butt. I can't wait to see the final results and I highly recommend Lynn and Infinity Health and Body; I have had such a great experience.
KVerified Member
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I just finished six sessions of acoustic wave therapy to treat cellulite in two areas. Lynn was so knowledgeable and made me feel so comfortable before making the investment and throughout each session. She explained what the treatment would feel like and what to expect for results after we’re finished. She even does trainings for other aestheticians to utilize acoustic wave therapy to treat cellulite. The office is extremely clean with very friendly staff, they were even accommodating for when I could make my second payment. If you’re looking for a professional and comfortable experience Lynn delivers on that 100%
Shannon Lapointe
Shannon LapointeVerified Member
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Dr. Cunningham and his team were amazing! So friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Cunningham’s passion for what he does and helping people in a non invasive way was very apparent. The treatments he did for my low back and shoulder pain were amazing. He was able to zero in on the exact areas that bother me. The laser therapy and EMTT felt good while he did it and helped me from the first treatments. I’ll definitely be back!! More people need to know about these treatments!! Thank you!
Iridium Valkyrie
Iridium ValkyrieVerified Member
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Dr. Cunningham is a great physician who on my first impression, listened to my history well and chose his treatment method appropriately. He thoroughly explained each modality he used during my treatment following the consultation, showing that his practice is truly a "one stop shop" with no hesitation in treating more than one injury concurrently that other practices try to advertise as a service but simply do not deliver. He used shockwave therapy, EMTT, and deep laser therapy on my twelve year old tendinitis and ligament injuries. I feel encouraged moving forward with Dr.C's extensive tool kit. I appreciate his knowledge and courteous care.
natty frontino
natty frontinoVerified Member
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My laser hair removal with dr. Cunningham’s office was fantastic. They are always on time. It was absolutely pain-free and. Lynn does an amazing job. I highly recommend anyone to Dr. Cunningham for the many treatments that he offers…
Marianne Johnson
Marianne JohnsonVerified Member
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I highly recommend Infinity Health and Body in Mansfield. I am an esthetician myself, so trusting anyone with my skin is a big deal for me! I saw Lynn and she recommended the best treatment (Tixel) to address my issues (aging skin, rosacea, hyperpigmentation). She is so knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease during the whole appointment. I met Dr Cunningham while there and he was also so pleasant and kind. The Tixel treatment is amazing…I noticed immediate changes in my skin. It almost instantly lifted around my eyes and jawline, and the pigmentation has already started to decrease. Other than an hour or so of redness and very mild swelling post treatment, there is no downtime which is a huge plus! I absolutely recommend it and can’t wait for my next appointment!
Diana Winters
Diana WintersVerified Member
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I have been a patient of Dr. Cunningham for my medical care since he began his journey in concierge medicine. He currently has a great team who takes the time to listen to your ailments and make you feel like your being heard. No rushing and a lot of compassion. Looking forward to trying the other services that Infinity Health and Body have to offer. Here's a shout out to Dr. Cunningham and his team! Keep up the good work.
Gordon Buchsbaum
Gordon BuchsbaumVerified Member
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Dr. Cunningham is an amazing doctor who really listens and comes up with very helpful treatments to get to the heart of the problem and get it resolved as quickly as possible! My wife and I both use Infinity Health and Body and would highly recommend the practice.
Kimberly Lester
Kimberly LesterVerified Member
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Lynn is amazing!! She answered all my questions and even put my mind at ease by allowing me to run a test. Not to mention the warm welcome my baby girl received when we walked in😁 Can't recommend this place enough!

How We're Different

A Unique Path to Health

Infinity Health and Body is your top choice for a unique healthcare experience. With over 50 years of combined experience, our dedicated team prioritizes quality over quantity, offering personalized care in a welcoming environment.

We take a holistic approach, tailoring treatments to your goals, addressing root causes, and helping you on your path to optimal health. Join us for a refreshing departure from traditional healthcare, where your well-being is always our focus.

Treating Root Causes, Not Just Symptoms

At Infinity Health and Body, we revolutionize healthcare by going beyond symptom management with our unique approach. Our experienced medical professionals focus on uncovering and addressing the root causes of health issues rather than merely masking symptoms with pills.

Through a multi-modality approach, our dedicated team crafts personalized treatment plans to enhance your health and well-being, ensuring a path to lasting, transformative results.

Healthcare Without the Usual Clinic Feel

We understand that many people dislike the clinical atmosphere of traditional healthcare settings. That’s why we’ve created a welcoming and supportive environment where you can feel comfortable and at ease.

We aim to make your healthcare experience enjoyable and stress-free so you can focus on achieving optimal health and well-being without the typical doctor’s office anxiety.

How It Works

Infinity Health And Body: Schedule Your Consultation

1. Consultation

Set up a consultation with our medical team to talk about your symptoms, goals, and discover how our customized treatment plans can help.

Infinity Health And Body: Start Your Treatment Plan

2. Results

Begin your tailored treatment plan with our expert guidance for remarkable results under close supervision.

Infinity Health And Body: Enjoy Ongoing Results and Support

3. Ongoing Support

Our medical team continuously guides your journey to better health, fine-tuning your program based on your progress.

Frequently Asked Questions

Holistic medicine is an approach that considers the whole person, including their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It differs from conventional medicine in that it seeks to treat the root causes of illness rather than just the symptoms and often employs complementary and alternative therapies.

We assess a patient’s physical, emotional, and lifestyle factors to develop a personalized treatment plan that may include dietary changes, stress reduction techniques, and specific therapies.

The timeline for results can vary widely depending on the condition and treatment. Some people may experience improvement quickly, while others may require ongoing care. To leanr more about how soon you can experience results, please schedule a consultation with our medical team.

Costs can vary widely, and insurance coverage for holistic treatments may be limited. To learn more, please schedule a consultation with our medical team.

Yes! Our solutions focus on preventive measures and lifestyle changes to maintain overall health and prevent illness.

Infinity Health & Body is located at 450 Chauncy St
Mansfield, MA 02048

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Discover boundless energy, elevate bedroom performance, conquer joint pain, and attain a radiant glow through our personalized multi-modality approach to optimal health and well-being.

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