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Sculpt Your Dream Body

Are you looking to redefine your body, target stubborn pockets of fat, and build lean muscle without surgery? At Infinity Health & Body, we understand the importance of holistic well-being, and that’s why we offer Emsculpt NEO, a revolutionary non-invasive treatment that can help you achieve your body goals. Led by Dr. David Cunningham, our multi-modality approach to optimal health empowers you to live a fulfilling life with a body you love.
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Emsculpt NEO delivers a multitude of transformative benefits, redefining the realm of body sculpting and wellness by offering:

Muscle Building and Toning

These contractions are more intense and efficient than what can be achieved through regular exercise.

Fat Reduction

It does this by using radiofrequency energy to heat and destroy fat cells, resulting in a more sculpted and toned physique.

Enhanced Core Strength and Posture

A more toned appearance but also supports better spinal alignment and overall body balance.

Improved Metabolism

Muscles burn calories even at rest, help individuals maintain a healthier weight and potentially support weight loss efforts.

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What Is Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt NEO is an innovative, FDA-approved procedure that combines radiofrequency and high-intensity electromagnetic energy to simultaneously burn fat and build muscle. It’s a game-changer in body contouring, addressing the needs of both men and women of any age who want to sculpt their bodies with precision and efficiency.

Explanation of How Emsculpt NEO Works

Emsculpt NEO utilizes the combined power of synchronized radiofrequency and electromagnetic energy to achieve remarkable results. This innovative technology induces supramaximal muscle contractions and triggers lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat, in the targeted areas. This dual-action process effectively leads to simultaneous fat reduction and muscle growth. Here’s how it works:
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Who is a candidate?

Emsculpt NEO is ideal for men and women of any age looking to target small pockets of body fat and build muscles in the treated areas. It’s suitable for individuals seeking a non-invasive body sculpting solution.

Emsculpt NEO Benefits

This treatment offers numerous benefits:
Enhanced muscle tone and strength
Fat reduction and body contouring
Non-surgical and non-invasive
Painless with no downtime
Customizable treatment plans

Frequently asked questions

A session typically takes around 30 minutes for one targeted area.
You may start noticing improvements after a few weeks, with full results becoming apparent in about 2-4 months.
Yes, Emsculpt NEO is FDA-approved and considered a safe treatment.
The number of sessions needed depends on your individual goals and consultation with our medical team.
Most patients describe the sensation as intense but not painful. It’s well-tolerated.

Ready to transform your body with Emsculpt NEO?

Contact Infinity Health & Body today to schedule your consultation and discover how our personalized treatment plans can help you achieve peak wellness, eliminate stubborn fat, and sculpt your dream body.
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