Overcome Injuries

Every athlete knows the pain of getting injured at the wrong time. Beyond the immediate physical pain, a sports injury can be mentally/emotionally daunting as it keeps you from your favorite activities. No athlete wants to miss the race they trained for or watch as their progress is undone as they recover. As athletes ourselves, we want to help every athlete train safer and recover smarter.

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Procedures Designed For Athletes Of All Skill Levels

Whether you find yourself drafting behind the lead cyclist in a race, playing 18 holes of golf, or sprinting back and forth on a tennis court, we want to help you train better and stay active. No matter how old you are, no matter what sport you play, and no matter what level you play it at, an injury can cause major setbacks. Athletes often have to tiptoe between maintaining strict training schedules to prepare for big events while not risking training injuries that could keep them stuck at home. That is why we provide a variety of procedures that help athletes prevent injuries, treat injuries, and get back on the field.

Schedule A Consultation With Our Doctor

As a Doctor, David Cunningham spends his days helping his patients improve their health and boost their body’s performance. As an athlete, Dr. Cunningham always has his eyes set on his own milestones and athletic achievements. Combining his athletic passions for races and triathlons with his medical practice, Dr. Cunningham has spent years creating tailored plans for patients looking to improve how they approach training and athleticism. It is no secret that as we get older, staying active comes with new challenges. Our bodies do not recover as quickly as they did, which means preventing injuries becomes a higher priority as does treating them. Whichever camp you find yourself in, Dr. Cunningham would be happy to meet you at a consultation. 

Recover Smarter

Come Back Stronger

Utilizing both shockwave therapy and EMSCULPT muscle-building treatments, our patients can focus on helping their muscles recover quickly while also not losing tone and strength. The key to a strong recovery is to strike a balance between working out the afflicted muscle while also allowing it to rest and heal. Dr. Cunningham works with every one of his clients on an individual level to help them find this balance. 

Train Safer

Avoid The Injuries That Keep You off The Field

Like so many things in life, it is better to be proactive instead of reactive. Our procedures can help clients prevent injuries by targeting muscle groups and strengthening them. A stronger core for example can help you prevent muscle sprains and tears while you train. Understanding your limits is just as important as understanding your goals, at Infinity Health & Body we are here to help you get more out of training without risking injuries.