Tixel Device

Tixel in Mansfield, MA | Skin Rejuvenation

Tixel Device

Tixel is a novel, thermomechanical fractional skin rejuvenation system. Tixel’s remarkable rejuvenating and healing effect can be seen in as little as one week, and the procedure can be repeated every four to eight weeks.

How Does Tixel Work?

Utilizing a matrix of pyramids with high thermal conductivity and a biodegradable titanium shell, specialists transfer thermal energy to the skin through a brief touch. At a temperature of 400 degrees celsius, the Tixel device creates tiny channels in the skin.

What Does Tixel Do?

The channels created by the thermal transfer encourage collagen production and healing in problem areas on the face. These channels also allow for the deeper application of rejuvenating skincare products, like Vitamin A. Tixel users report an array of benefits, including:

Tighter skin around the chin, cheeks, eyelids, forehead, and neck
Reducing or
removing wrinkles
Improved skin
A healthy glow
Healing scar tissue
Healing acne scars
Treating acne
And more
Other upsides of Tixel treatment include speedy recovery periods and reliable, long-lasting results.

Tixel vs. Fractional C02 Treatment

Fractional C02 and Tixel treatment create similar injuries and produce similar effects on the skin. However, there are a few fundamental differences.

Unlike C02 lasers, Tixel is completely safe on all areas of the face, including around the eyelids and eyelashes, without the need for uncomfortable metal eye shields required when using lasers. Tixel also causes no charring or debris accumulation on the skin.

Both practices have similar downtimes and safe application frequency. However, C02 fractional lasers often take as many as three to four treatments to improve deep wrinkles or severe scarring.