How Does Your Core Affect Your Golf Swing?

As any golfer knows, the perfect swing is a full-body effort. This is why a strong and stable core is so important to consistent golf swings. Whether you are a pro a novice or anywhere in between, there is always room for improvement when it comes to your swing. Aside from working on technique, training your body can help you achieve consistent results on the green.

How Does Your Core Affect Your Golf Swing?

The core is made up mainly of the abdominal muscles. There are four groups of muscles that make up the abdomen: transversus abdominis, rectus abdominis, external oblique muscles, and internal oblique muscles. Each of the muscles performs a different function in stabilizing your body. Many physical activities that require both the use of the upper and lower body are mitigated through the core. A strong and stable core can improve how your upper and lower body rotates through the golf swing, which improves your follow-through. There are three core benefits to strengthening your core muscles:

  • Distance: A strong core allows a golfer to increase the speed and strength they use to hit the ball, allowing for longer drives.
  • Consistency: The key to an 18 hole game is endurance and consistency over time. A strong core can endure dozens of strong swings over the course of the day so that you can play as effectively on the last hole as you did on the first.
  • Injury Prevention: One of the most important benefits of core training is that it prevents injury when working out or playing sports. A strong core decreases the stress on the lower spine during your golf swings. Which means you can enjoy more time on your favorite course.

How To Strengthen Your Core

One common mistake made by individuals looking to strengthen their core is to only do one type of exercise. Your core is made of different muscle groups, so it is important to do different exercises designed for different groups. Side planks, mason twists, side crunches are effective at training your obliques. Leg raises, spartan planks, and reverse crunches can work on your lower abdomen. Regular planks and crunches can focus more on your upper core. Make sure to add variety to your workouts.

Common Ab Workout Mistakes

Additionally, like any muscle-training exercise, it is important to focus on the mind-body connection so that you can isolate the muscle you are training. Bad form can lead to using the wrong muscles to compensate for a weaker core, which will not lead to improvements. For instance, in crunches or sit-ups, individuals may over-rely on momentum to propel themselves up instead of focusing on slowly and deliberately using their upper core to bring their body up. Not only does this cheapen the workout it can lead to injury. Similarly, when doing plank exercises it is important to ensure your back is straight otherwise you can put unneeded stress on your spine.

Build Your Core With EMSCULPT & EMSELLA

In addition to training, EMSCULPT and EMSELLA can help you improve your core even more. Using electromagnetic energy, these pieces of equipment are designed to directly cause your core muscles to contract and release thousands of times over the course of a half-hour. This can help athletes who feel like they have plateaued in their exercises as well as complement your gym or home workout routines.

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