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Dr. David Cunningham has years of experience working with men to provide treatments that effectively treat sexual health issues. He is the only one in the area to use innovative and proven techniques to resolve men’s health issues.

We know you have questions, so Dr. Cunningham has answered the most popular new client questions.

    Let’s Get Real About Men’s Sexual Health

    How To Ask A Doctor About ‘Things’

    What About My Manhood?

    Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

    There are a variety of procedures we can utilize to help treat erectile dysfunction.

    All of our treatments are non-invasive therapies that are designed to treat the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction.

    Peyronie’s Disease Treatments

    Also known as penile fibrosis, Peyronie’s Disease can greatly affect a man’s sexual health. We provide a variety of non-invasive procedures that can help treat Peyronie’s Disease and help reverse and improve the symptoms.

    Low T Treatments

    Lack of energy, napping during the day, poor sleep at night, can’t put the same effort in at the gym, irritability, performance in bed declining? Hormonal and health imbalances can derail careers and personal lives. Our clinicians work with you to personalize a game plan and reverse that train.

    Lower Core Strengthening Procedures

    Your lower core and pelvic floor muscle groups are instrumental in intimacy. By strengthening these muscle groups men can enjoy improved sexual health. There are a variety of exercises that can help improve your lower core strength, as well as specialized equipment that can strengthen it. We provide procedures that help patients quickly strengthen these areas. Male clients have expressed that after strengthening their lower abdomen they experienced better and more frequent orgasms during sex.

    How Strength Affects Your Sexual Health

    Core strength provides many benefits to our bodies. Beyond helping us maintain balance, a strong core can help transfer energy throughout the body and is instrumental in any full-body activities.

    By strengthening the lower core and pelvic floor area of the body, you can improve blood flow and endurance. Additionally, lower pelvic muscle strengthening can increase the strength and frequency of orgasms, decrease pain and discomfort during sex, and also treat issues like urinary incontinence.

    By using a variety of treatments, we help our clients improve their sexual health by also improving their body’s muscular strength.