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Dr. David Cunningham and his team at Infinity Health and Body apply the RAPID Method to improve your joint health and reduce pain faster than conventional methods.


Infinity Health and Body is the only practice in the area that can offer all of these techniques in one place. In combining different machines and techniques, we can get you feeling better faster with less pain and downtime. Gain access to the same treatments the professional athletes have received for years. All procedures are entirely non-invasion and have scientific data to prove their efficacy.

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Joint Pain Treatment

Persistent or recurring inflammation and pain in your joints can cause a significant decline in physical health, mental wellbeing, and day-to-day quality of life. Traditional pain management methods, such as powerful pain medications and highly invasive surgeries, are outdated practices with a laundry list of drawbacks. Luckily, rapid advancements in healthcare technology create more options for acute and chronic pain alleviation and treatment.

Long-term use of pain medications can lead to harmful physical and mental side effects and dangerous opportunities for the development of dependency issues.

And while surgery can yield exceptional results, it also has drawbacks worth serious consideration. Surgical costs can be shockingly high, with standard joint replacements ranging from $15-50,000. Routine hip and knee surgeries alone cost Americans over $20 billion a year and create opportunities for infection and botched procedures. Even disregarding cost and risk, recovering from joint surgeries often requires limited activity and physical therapy for weeks or months.

The significant downsides of traditional treatment options led to a focus on the research and development of highly effective and non-invasive treatment options.

Types of Joint Pain

Back Pain


Neck + Shoulder Pain (Tech Neck)



Tennis Elbow

Carpal Tunnel