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An Innovative Approach to Get You Back in The Game

Infinity Health and Body is excited to bring you the most comprehensive and accelerated approach to reducing your pain while simultaneously maximizing your performance. Through this innovative program, we combine traditional functional movement analysis and body work with the most powerful noninvasive technology in the field of pain relief and regenerative medicine. Our goals: calm your pain in the moment, stimulate healthy healing, and retrain your body mechanics for pain-free movement in the future.

Dr Ben Miller uses his training as a physical therapist to ensure proper joint and body alignment through manual manipulation along with targeted strengthening exercises in order to create a highly individualized treatment program for you. Often called “The Body Whisperer,” Ben’s greatest gift is his ability to get your body back in harmony with motion.  We combine this gifted bodywork with the most advanced strengthening and stabilizing technology available anywhere to solidify those changes and gains for long-lasting change.

Dr Cunningham uses his expertise with regenerative medicine to provide two types of medical shockwave (Focused Shockwave and Radial Pressure), and also offers Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) injections when appropriate. The results of this approach generally take 4 to 6 weeks to be realized, but are based on long-lasting healthy changes in your body’s damaged tissues, including the stimulation of stem cell-induced recovery.

Taking a comprehensive approach, Drs Cunningham and Miller work together to craft an individualized program for you, utilizing all the tools at their disposal. Beginning with a more calming treatment on the first visit, we will use the technology to break through your initial barriers of pain and set up a personalized treatment plan for you. On your next visit, we will assess how your body’s motion is contributing to your current pain, and we will begin the process of refining how your body moves along with use of the pain relieving technology in order to build a scaffold of strength for your body to rely upon.


Accelerate Your Back and Joint Pain

Dr. David Cunningham and his team at Infinity Health and Body apply the RAPID Method to improve your joint health and reduce pain faster than conventional methods.



Infinity Health and Body is the only practice in the area that can offer all of these techniques in one place. In combining different machines and techniques, we can get you feeling better faster with less pain and downtime. Gain access to the same treatments the professional athletes have received for years. All procedures are entirely non-invasion and have scientific data to prove their efficacy.


Some Of The Tools In Our Toolbox


EMTT therapy delivers high energy magnetic pulses to targeted tissues to reset and accelerate the healing response in dysfunctional cells. EMTT waves can penetrate deep tissues up to 18 cm beneath the skin’s surface, to target difficult-to-reach tendons, muscles, bones, and nervous tissues. When delivered with the right intensity and frequency, EMTT synchronizes with the body’s magnetic fields to trigger a regenerative response.



Accufit uses electro-muscular stimulation which has been used for decades in the rehabilitation, strengthening, and toning of muscles. Precisely controlled energy flows through the selected muscle triggering a variety of responses depending on the chosen treatment mode. This third-generation muscle stimulation platform enables efficient and more comprehensive muscle activation for patients while maximizing patient comfort and practice ROI.