Golf Performance Programs in Mansfield, MA | Core Strength




Golf Performance in Mansfield, MA | Movement Assessment + Strength Training

An Innovative Approach to Upgrade Your Game

Infinity Health and Body is excited to bring you the most comprehensive and accelerated approach to maximizing your golf performance. Using advanced movement assessments with the latest cutting-edge technology in strength training, you’ll improve your swing, strengthen your core, and generate more crushing power off the tee.

Drs Cunningham and Miller work together to craft an individualized program for you, utilizing all the tools at their disposal. They will first assess your body’s motion and will begin the process of refining how your body moves. They can then build a scaffold of strength for your body to rely upon.

Each visit in the Sports Performance Program combines a 30 minute AccuFit session for core muscle development with one-on-one bodywork to improve hip, shoulder and back flexibility and address any issues that are limiting rotational power and stability. The goal is greater core stability for both performance and injury prevention. 

For a limited time we are including 3 EMSELLA sessions (every other visit) with the 6-session Pro Program for a more complete Core-to-Floor workout.  


Mulitple Program Packages Available – Up to $3,000

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