EMSELLA Mansfield, MA | Urinary Incontinence Treatment

EMSELLA Mansfield, MA | Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Resolve Incontinence With EMSELLA®

Your core is your entire support system for your body. From supporting your spine to maintaining balance, to connecting your upper and lower body, a strong core is the key to a strong & healthy body. Men & Women can benefit from building a stronger core with EMSELLA & EMSCULPT treatments. Many patients have reported how increased strength has helped them enjoy their hobbies and stay energized and active throughout the day.

EMSELLA helps men & women strengthen their lower core muscles and pelvic floor muscles. EMSELLA provides similar benefits to Kegel exercises. Strengthening your lower core muscles can help women feel less pain during intercourse, treat incontinence symptoms, and help men with erectile dysfunction and improve their overall core strength.

Super-charged Kegel exercises done for you with EMSELLA®

EMSELLA is a health and wellness procedure that has been proven to help women deal with the symptoms of incontinence. Like EMSCULPT, the EMSELLA treatment helps patients strengthen core muscle groups to improve bodily function.

EMSELLA has many applications with men and women reporting that EMSELLA has helped treat sexual dysfunction as well as improve their sexual health. By strengthening the muscles around the pelvic floor, individuals can see vast improvements in their core strength.

EMSELLA® Gym Membership

Infinity Health & Body offers a VIP membership program, where individuals can enjoy the benefits of both EMSELLA and EMSCULPT year-round. EMSCULPT mimics the effects of doing thousands of sit-ups, push-ups, and squats, whereas EMSELLA provides the same benefits of Kegel exercises. With combined treatments men and women can enjoy a happier healthier life as they age.

How Does Emsella Work?

EMSELLA uses the same electromagnetic technology as EMSCULPT. But, instead of working on your abs, biceps, glutes, waist, or legs, EMSELLA works on the muscles in the pelvic region. You don’t need to be a doctor to know that improving the strength of your muscles around your pelvic floor can improve bladder control or sexual wellness. EMSELLA is a completely noninvasive treatment. Using electromagnetic technology, an EMSELLA machine strengthens the muscles, improves blood flow to the pelvis and increases nerve sensitivity and function.

Emsella FAQs

What is Incontinence?

Incontinence is often defined as an uncontrollably leakage of urine. However the term incontinence actually describes two different issues: uncontrolled urination caused by coughing/sneezing/laughing & a sudden intense need to urinate that happens frequently throughout the day. For many women, incontinence usually begins after giving birth and can get worse with age.

What Causes Incontinence?
Incontinence can have many causes. One of the most common causes is weakened pelvic muscles. Aging, menopause, and childbirth are all linked to weakened pelvic muscles and may lead to incontinence.
How Many EMSELLA Treatments Will I Need?
EMSELLA manufacturer, BTL, recommends that patients get about 6 sessions (2 sessions per week) for a three week period. Each session lasts 30 minutes, and it is likely that after a session you will feel a little sore, as if you completed an intense workout.
Is There Any Downtime When Using EMSELLA?
Not only is EMSELLA a non-surgical, painless, non-invasive procedure, but it also requires no downtime. Although you may feel sore after your EMSELLA treatment, you can go about daily activities as you normally would.
When Will I See Results?
Many patients report that they notice improvements to not only their incontinence but also the sexual wellbeing after their first EMSELLA treatment. Improvements will continue for the following weeks after your treatment.