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Look, Feel and Perform Better

Infinity Health & Body provides a full suite of life changing procedures that promote muscle growth that can improve your body’s strength which can help everything from your golf swing to simply staying active.

David Cunningham, M.D. Physician, Owner
David Cunningham, M.D.Physician, Owner

Meet Our Doctor Dedicated To Your Unique Goals

Dr. David Cunningham has spent decades of his life helping men and women get the most out of their bodies and reach their goals. Whether patients are looking to address physical injuries, sexual dysfunction, or simply want to perform better and stay active, his personal approach to fitness and medicine has helped many of his clients stay on the top of their game. Outside of his office, Dr. Cunningham pursues his own athletic peaks as a cyclist, runner, and triathlon competitor. With a dedication to fitness and health, Dr. Cunningham is always excited to meet new clients that are driven to reach their unique fitness goals. We would love to have you visit for a free consultation to discus your goals and how our procedures can help.