Get A Toned Physique

A lot of us hit the gym, pick up a sport, or workout with home with a few goals in mind. A stronger body, improve cardiovascular health, and of course improving how we look in the mirror. But even after trying every diet and exercise program, you can still come up short. You see results for the first few months but either the lifestyle is unrealistic in the longterm or your metabolism catches up. If you want to get past that final plateau we can help. 

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Targeted Strenght Building Programs

At Infinity Health & Body we have a variety of procedures that can help you burn fat, build muscle, and get a more toned physique. A constant problem when working out is not being able to target a singular muscle group. Our bodies are designed to find the most efficient way to handle any task. For example when you perform a bicep curl you may accidentally redistribute the weight towards your shoulders and back instead of your arms. Or when you perform a crunch, you may end up using momentum and you neck muscles to complete the crunch. While distributing the load to multiple muscle groups is efficient for our bodies, it is is inefficient when trying to gain mass. EMSCULPT targets a specific muscle group and forces that muscle to rapidly contract and release. Not only will this help you gain muscle mass it will also help you gain strength, and strengthen the mind-muscle connection for when you workout on your own.

Schedule A Consultation With Our Doctor

Dr. David Cunningham has helped patients for years get more out of their bodies. Whether that means helping patients train more effectively for their next race, handle issues with sports injuries, or help patients with sexual health, he is always excited to work with a new client who wants more out of their body. Utilizing a variety of procedures and equipment he helps patients meet their body goals. He would be happy to discuss your body goals in a consultation.

Handle Your Love Handles

Tone Muscle & Decrease Fat

Toning muscle around the abdomen can help reduce the appearance of love handles. In one 30 minute EMSCULPT session, your abs can contract ten thousand times, quickly targeting and strengthening these muscles. Additionally our EMTONE equipment can help smooth out stretch marks and cellulite in this area. By combining these procedures you can effectively slim down your waist and get a more toned look.

Build Your Biceps

Build Stronger Muscles

We provide full body treatments. EMSCULPT can be used to tone and strengthen biceps, calves, triceps, abs, glutes, and more. Wherever you are looking to increase your strength, we would be happy to discuss how Infinity Health & Body can help. Strengthening your muscles not only increases their mass but it also decreases the visibility of fat around your body.