Everything You Need To Know About the EMSCULPT NEO

Here at Infinity Health & Body, we are excited to announce a new machine at our practice in Mansfield; the EMSCULPT NEO. If you are unfamiliar with EMSCULPT, it is a procedure that uses electromagnetic technology to build muscle. Through the applicators, clients can build muscle around the legs, arms, glutes, and abdomen. BTL has recently released a new machine that can accomplish even more: the EMSCULPT NEO.

How Do I Sign Up?

Infinity Health & Body is one of the first practices in the northeast to have the EMSCULPT NEO. At our practice, we are dedicated to full-body solutions that help our clients feel better. We provide regenerative services that can help you feel better, perform better, and look better. If you are interested in trying the EMSCULPT NEO, contact us and check out our specials. Additionally if you would like to learn more please click here.

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