Boost Your Performance

No matter the stage of your life, your level of activity, or your sport of choice, everyone can use a boost. At Infinity Health & Body we provide programs & procedures that help men and women reach their athletic goals.

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Strength Building Programs For All Athletes

At Infinity Health & Body we provide many different treatments and procedures that help athletes build strength, recover from injuries, and improve their performance. Whether you are training for a triathlon, working on your golf swing, or want to boost your endurance on the tennis court, we can help. Our equipment helps athletes supplement their workouts and activity by toning muscles around the body. Stronger muscles boost our endurance, our performance, and help us prevent injury on and off the court. We provide free consultations so that we can tailor our approach to your goals, lifestyle, and physique.

Schedule A Consultation With Our Doctor

Dr. David Cunningham is dedicated to helping both men and women with their athletic achievements. As a passionate athlete himself, he knows the importance of achieving that next milestone, preparing for that next race, and staying active. At Infinity Health & Body we see each of our clients as a new partnership. Our goal is not to simply provide strength-building procedures, but to fully understand our client’s goals. During a consultation we will collect data on your age, your fitness level, your desired fitness goals, and use them all to tailor our approach to helping you achieve your next milestone. 

Increase Strength

Build A Stronger Core

Our EMSCULPT machines are designed to stimulate thousands of muscle contractions over a short period of time. Used in conjunction with routine exercise and a healthy diet, client’s can improve strength throughout their bodies. Our applicators provide full body results. From strengthening calf muscles for cycling, to biceps for tennis, to core muscles for overall stability and balance. 

Prevent Injury

Avoid The Injuries That Keep You off The Field

Whether it’s your first race or your 100th, you know the importance of avoiding an injury. Athletes often have have to balance between over-training and risking injury and under-training and risking performance. We provide a variety of procedures that help athletes prevent injuries and treat sports injuries including platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments, shock wave therapy, and muscle-training procedures.

Perform Better

Consistent Performance Requires Consistent Training

Whether you want to drive your golf ball further, shave time off your mile, play back to back games of tennis, or are training for your next big race, we all know how important it is for us to improve. But after years of training we can all hit plateaus, at Infinity Health & Body we have a variety of procedures that can help you overcome those plateaus and reach new heights.