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Styku Body Scanner

Styku Body Scanner in Mansfield, MA

3D Body Scanning for Fitness, Health, & Wellness

If you are working towards building a better version of your body, addressing how your body functions and heals is critical to your success. This can be applicable if you are strengthening weakened muscles, recovering from injuries, or just trying to be healthier overall. Every individual’s body works differently, so getting accurate measurements and data is key to establishing a baseline. Utilizing the Styku Body Scanner, Infinity Health can view your body’s current state and plan to work towards your goals.

What is the Styku Body Scanner?

The Styku Body Scanner utilizes 3D body measurement technology to obtain your measurements and body shape. This allows you to have a more thorough understanding of where you are and what you need to do to get there. Many physicians use the Styku measurement systems to help patients dealing with injuries or those who want to have a healthy weight-loss program. Other benefits include:

Exact calculations of body fat percentage

Body contouring to give an illustration of bodily changes

Digital visualization of the musculoskeletal system

Precise bone density estimates

Postural analysis

How does it work?

The Styku Body Scanner uses advanced feature recognition technology to mark your curves, outline, and body structure. To do this, the target person will stand on a circular step with their arms and legs slightly apart. The scanner stands a few feet tall in front of the step and scans the body. These scanners can typically be found in physician offices, physical therapy offices, gyms, or other locations where your exact body measurements may be needed.

How is it used?

The information collected from the scanner is used to look at the most effective ways to meet your health goals. For example, if someone is trying to lose weight, they can look at progress in various ways. While the system does look at weight, it also looks at waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, and body fat. This allows us to see if the body is shifting in other beneficial ways that may not be reflected on a regular scale.

Automatic reports can also be sent to those using the scanner. It includes progress on goals, body compositions, and 3D visuals of how the body changes. It also allows the user to set a burn rate for calories, activity level, and a target goal date. For medical professionals, it helps the physicians look at bone density estimates and body contouring to look more closely at a target area while still being patient-friendly and simple to use. The Styku Scanner Accuracy is an excellent resource for any professional looking to advance their practice.

Infinity Health is here to help you reach your goals. As an office that focuses on health, wellness, and regenerative medicine, these types of scanners help keep individuals motivated as they watch their progress. If you are looking for care related to joint, incontinence, or sexual health, contact us to begin your journey today!