EMSCULPT® Mansfield, MA | Body Contouring
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EMSCULPT® Mansfield, MA | Body Contouring

Discover Your Strength with EMSCULPT®

When diet and exercise fall short, EMSCULPT is the one-of-a-kind body contouring device that can get you the muscle definition you want. With quick, convenient and comfortable treatments, EMSCULPT can help you sculpt your physique by engaging your muscles in ways that can’t be replicated at the gym.

EMSCULPT is a body contouring procedure by BTL that helps build muscle and sculpt your body. Using electromagnetic technology, EMSCULPT applicators cause your muscles to contract rapidly; giving you the results of hundreds of reps in a matter of minutes. EMSCULPT is perfect for patients whether they are looking to supplement their workout routine or simply gain more strength. EMSCULPT is FDA approved to treat five areas of the body: the glutes, the abdomen, calves, arms, and thighs. Not only can EMSCULPT help you build muscle, but it can also help you reduce fat.


How Does Emsculpt Work?

When you work out you make your muscles contract. Through this process your muscle fibers tear. When your muscles repair themselves they add mass which increases your strength and the visibility of your muscles. With EMSCULPT, electromagnetic waves are used to cause your muscles to contract rapidly over a short period of time. Even through the most intense workouts, you would never be able to contract your muscles this quickly and this efficiently. Like any workout program, you will need multiple sessions to get the best results. Generally, patients are recommended to get at least four EMSCULPT treatments over the course of a few weeks. After a month of treatment not only do patients see the results in the mirror, but they will likely feel their increased strength and energy.

Emsculpt FAQs

EMSCULPT’s consistent, reliable results are backed by science. Clinical studies show, on average, a 16 percent increase in muscle mass in as few as four treatments. With a satisfaction rate of 96 percent, it’s no secret why EMSCULPT is quickly becoming a favorite among both clients and providers.

What Does EMSCULPT Feel Like?
Many patients report that EMSCULPT feels like an intense workout. You will likely be sore for a day or two after your treatment. However, during the treatment you will be able to lie down and relax as the machine works.
How Long Is an EMSCULPT Session?
EMSCULPT sessions are usually 30 minutes long. Most patients have a total of four sessions that are scheduled 2-3 days apart from each other. Full results tend to show up a month after the initial session.
Who Is An Ideal Patient for EMSCULPT?
Anyone can benefit from EMSCULPT treatments. For more information please contact a member of our team to set up a consultation.
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